There’s a Doughnut For That
Voodoo donuts
Do you feel a strange sensation in the air, or a powerful force rumbling up in your belly? It’s not dark magic at work, or a spell being cast; you’re hungry for a sweet snack unlike any other. Well, hunger no longer, Los Angeles, and get ready to go nuts for doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnut has made the journey from Portland, Oregon to Universal CityWalk® to serve up amazing pastries by the dozens with one-of-a-kind shapes, styles, and flavors. Where to begin when there are so many cakes, rings, cruellers, and fritters to choose from? We picked 12 of our favorites and added some suggestions on the perfect moments to chow down on them… call it “icing on the cake.”
Voodoo donut
Sprinkle Cake - When You Want Something Simple

We get it; life is complicated and your day gets crazy. With so many toppings and flavors to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming. A simple cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and sprinkles can feel like an old buddy you’re familiar with. Just… y’know, a buddy you’re gonna happen to eat within seconds.

Voodoo donut
Old Fashioned - When You Respect Your Elders

Maybe you just listened to oldies on the radio, you just found a classic vintage suit at the thrift store, or you’re reading up on some history and feeling some awe for what came before you. That respect will extend to this old-fashioned style glazed cake doughnut. The tapered edges don’t make it a “perfect circle” — but what could be more perfect than a little extra doughnut on the sides?

Voodoo donut
Diablos Rex - When You Want Halloween to Come Early

Are you missing the season when there’s black cats in the windows, skeletons on the walls, and costumes around every corner? Well, you know a place that sells 3 dozen doughnuts in a “Coffin of Doughnuts” (yes, really!) is gonna have your back and bring Halloween early! This chocolate cake doughnut with red sprinkles, chocolate frosting with vanilla icing, and chocolate chips in the middle is devilishly delicious.

Voodoo donut
Tangfastic - When a Little Twist Makes a World of Difference

If you’re hiding colorful socks under your work clothes or cranking up pop music to shimmy in the driver’s seat during rush hour, you know a small burst of flavor can go a long way. So this doughnut will speak to that sentiment: a plain cake doughnut becomes anything but plain with vanilla frosting, three tiny marshmallows, and tang on top!

Voodoo donut
Memphis Mafia - When You Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Your record collection, nights out dancing, and maybe even your fashion sense confirms it: even when Elvis left the building, he never left your heart. So complement the King’s songs stuck in your head with some frosting stuck on your fingers. The Memphis Mafia fritter consists of a hunk-a hunk-a fried dough with banana chunks and cinnamon covered in glaze, chocolate frosting, peanut butter, peanuts, and chocolate chips!

Voodoo donut
Dirt Doughnut - When You Don’t Mind Getting a Little Messy

If your desk looks messy, you know better: there’s method to that mess, and everything is right where it should be… or hidden beneath where it should be. This doughnut is your spirit companion: a raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and crumbles of Oreo chunks scattered on top. Those cookie crumbs look sloppy, but you see the brilliance behind every piece’s placement.

Voodoo donut
Bacon Maple Bar - When Your Breakfast Love Calls

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day… and you think about it the rest of the day. And maybe bring it up a little too often. Voodoo Doughnut understands: they combined three great morning tastes — bacon, maple, and doughnuts – and created the most important snack of any day. Talk about raising the breakfast bar.

Voodoo donut
The Loop - When It’s Time to Feast on Nostalgia

You’ve got a t-shirt at home with your favorite childhood cartoon on it… unless you’re wearing it right now. You know jingles from your youth by heart and when you’re in the mood to snack, you’re in the mood to unleash your inner child. The Loop gets its name from the colorful, crunchy loops of cereal covering its vanilla frosting. Now, if that’s not a flashback to a Saturday morning sugar rush, what is?

Voodoo donut
Chocolate with Peanut - When You Want to Make a Little Noise

You’re in a state of mind where you’re not afraid to be heard, whether that means speaking your opinion, humming along to a tune that just came to you, or squeaking your chair’s wheels while you work. A nice big crunch will carry across the room too, so chow down and make it loud with tiny peanut chunks coating the chocolate frosting.

Voodoo donut
Crueller - When You Want to Travel But France is a Bit Far

You have daydreams about roaming and seeing the world. You’re searching images of European landmarks online, you’re brushing up on foreign languages, and you’ve made sure your passport is up to date… but that’s a long plane ride, and there are only so many vacation days on your plate. So in the meantime, how about putting this French-style pastry on your plate? Original glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate frosting, or maple frosting are options you can say “Oui” to, and if you can’t decide which topping you want, try all four and make a mini-staycation out of it.

Voodoo donut
Hollywood Cream - When You’re Feeling Famous

You’re showing off a new fashion choice, you just nailed an assignment at work, or maybe you just took the best selfie of your life. Whatever the case, you’re feeling famous. Plus, look around you: when you’re at Universal CityWalk®, the spirit of Hollywood is everywhere… including packed inside of this cream-filled shell doughnut, exclusive to Voodoo Doughnut’s CityWalk® location. So strut down the red carpet with this doughnut in hand, and a big bite in your mouth. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras!

Voodoo donut
Voodoo Doll - Hey, When In Rome…

If you’re at Voodoo Doughnut, you’ve gotta see what their signature sweet is all about, right? Every Voodoo Doll is a little different, but they all come with raspberry filling, chocolate frosting, and a pretzel stake sticking out. So take a big bite and enjoy the voodoo that they do so well.