Movie Magic Come to Life!
Run Time:  25 minutes
Get an exclusive behind-the scenes look into your favorite blockbuster movies in our Special Effects Show as stunts, practical effects and cutting-edge technology come to life.
Join Hollywood’s best stunt performers in recreating the sounds, sights and illusions that fool the cameras to create unforgettable moments in your favorite films. Learn the secrets behind realistic physical combat sequences, horror scenes, zero-gravity space travel and even live animation! Through professional demonstrations and audience participation, movie-making magic becomes a truly unforgettable, surround-sound experience.
Just like the movies, anything is possible – only at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Fast Facts
A man in a spacesuit floating towards a couple.
Amazing Stunts
Do not try this at home! The Special Effects Show features real Hollywood Stunt actors.
Join in the Fun
Raise your hand high! There are multiple opportunities for audience participation.